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edited January 2014 in Announcements
Big news for 2014! is now operating under We will no longer support the old software, it was very outdated and became overran with spam.

Please fill out a new profile here. Just like, we make it easy to hide your identity. Or, you can login using Facebook or Twitter to speed up enrollment.

In an effort to curb trolls and spam, your account must be verified by an admin before you can begin participating. Approval usually happens within a few hours.

Post your feedback and questions in this thread.

Thanks for the support,
FiredHearts Team


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  • PS. If you are still using the BreakkUp iPhone app, delete it and bookmark this site to your phone's home screen via Safari for iOS or Chrome for Android. It will look and feel just like an app.

    The BreakkUp iPhone app is no longer supported.
  • More updates and improvements coming out this week. Register a free account to participate!
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